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Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research
Exploring Dynamics, Unveiling Perspectives


Welcome to the Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research (SJSSR) (ISSN: 2955-0785), a beacon of intellectual exploration and scholarly engagement in the realm of social sciences. Our journal is dedicated to unraveling the multifaceted dimensions of human society, fostering critical thinking, and advancing our understanding of the intricate dynamics that shape our world.


At the Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research, we provide a robust platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to delve into a wide range of social science disciplines. From sociology and psychology to anthropology, economics, political science, and beyond, our journal embraces the diverse tapestry of human interactions, beliefs, behaviors, and institutions.

Key Features:

Interdisciplinary Insights:  We encourage interdisciplinary dialogue, recognizing that the complex challenges faced by societies require holistic perspectives and collaborative solutions.

Rigorous Scholarship: Every submission undergoes meticulous peer review by esteemed experts, ensuring that our content maintains the highest standards of academic rigor and integrity.

Exploring Diversity:  The Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research celebrates the diversity of voices, cultures, and contexts in social sciences. We highlight research that sheds light on global, regional, and local issues, fostering a rich tapestry of knowledge.

Unveiling Perspectives: Our journal is a platform for both established scholars and emerging researchers to share their insights, theories, and discoveries, adding layers to the ongoing discourse in social sciences.

Policy Relevance: We emphasize research with real-world implications, facilitating a bridge between academia and policy-making to create positive societal impact.

Open Access Commitment: To promote the widest dissemination of knowledge, all published content is freely accessible, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the scholarly community.

Engagement and Collaboration:

Beyond the printed word, the Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research actively engages with the global academic community through conferences, seminars, and online discussions. We believe in fostering an environment where ideas flourish, connections are forged, and collaborations thrive.

Join the Journey:

Whether you are an experienced researcher, a passionate student, or a practitioner seeking insights, the Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research invites you to contribute, explore, and engage. Together, we unravel the intricate fabric of society and contribute to a more enlightened and interconnected world.

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Board:

For detailed submission guidelines and information about our esteemed editorial board, please visit our website at www.ijaar.org. We look forward to embarking on this scholarly journey with you.