About the Journal

The Research Journal of Management Practice (RJMP) (ISSN: 2782-7674) is a prestigious and influential peer-reviewed academic publication dedicated to advancing the field of management practice through cutting-edge research and insightful contributions. This journal serves as a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to disseminate their original findings, innovative ideas, and practical experiences in various areas of management.

The journal covers a wide range of topics within the realm of management practice, including but not limited to:

Organizational Behavior and Leadership: Studies exploring individual and group behaviors in organizations, leadership theories and practices, and the impact of leadership styles on organizational outcomes.

Strategic Management: Research on formulating, implementing, and evaluating strategies to achieve organizational goals and enhance competitive advantage.

Human Resource Management: Investigations into talent acquisition, employee training and development, performance management, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

Operations and Supply Chain Management: Analysis of efficient and effective processes, logistics, and supply chain optimization to enhance operational performance.

Marketing Management: Studies on market analysis, consumer behavior, branding, and marketing strategies to reach and engage target audiences.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Exploration of entrepreneurial processes, innovation management, and the role of startups in economic development.

Financial Management: Research on financial planning, capital structure, risk management, and financial decision-making.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Studies focusing on ethical business practices, sustainability, and the social and environmental impact of business activities.

Publication Format:
The Research Journal of Management Practice publishes original research articles, empirical studies, theoretical papers, case studies, and review articles. All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest academic quality and relevance to the field.

The mission of the Research Journal of Management Practice is to foster an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration, promoting evidence-based management practices that can drive organizational success and societal well-being. By providing a forum for innovative research and practical insights, the journal aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of management science and the development of best practices in diverse organizational contexts.

The journal is published monthly.

The journal's readership includes scholars, educators, students, practitioners, policymakers, and anyone with an interest in the latest advancements in management theory and practice. Researchers seeking to expand their understanding of contemporary management challenges and opportunities will find the Research Journal of Management Practice to be a valuable resource.

Overall, the Research Journal of Management Practice aspires to be a leading authority in the management discipline, encouraging interdisciplinary approaches and fostering a strong connection between academia and the business world. Through its publications, the journal endeavors to make a positive impact on the way organizations are managed and operated, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the global business landscape.