About the Journal

The Open Access Journal of Social Sciences Research (OAJSSR) (ISSN: 3027-1398) is a dynamic scholarly publication dedicated to promoting and disseminating research in the broad field of social sciences. This journal serves as a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their findings, insights, and perspectives on a wide range of social science topics.

Our journal operates on the principles of open access, providing free and unrestricted access to its content. By embracing open access, we aim to democratize knowledge, facilitate knowledge exchange, and encourage collaboration among researchers across geographical boundaries. Our commitment to open access ensures that the latest social science research is accessible to a global readership, fostering the advancement of knowledge and the development of evidence-based practices.

The Open Access Journal of Social Sciences Research welcomes original research articles, theoretical studies, empirical research, literature reviews, and critical analyses in various disciplines within the social sciences. We encourage submissions that explore diverse topics such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, economics, education, communication studies, and interdisciplinary approaches that bridge multiple social science disciplines.

Our rigorous peer-review process ensures that published articles meet high scholarly standards. We seek to publish research that is methodologically sound, theoretically grounded, and contributes to the advancement of social sciences. By maintaining a robust review process, we aim to foster the publication of innovative research that addresses pressing social issues, challenges existing paradigms, and generates meaningful insights.

The Open Access Journal of Social Sciences Research is committed to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive scholarly community. We encourage collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue, and the exploration of diverse perspectives within the social sciences. By providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and research findings, we seek to inspire new avenues of investigation, foster critical thinking, and contribute to evidence-based policymaking and societal change.

Join us in the Open Access Journal of Social Sciences Research to engage with the latest advancements, debates, and discoveries within the social sciences. Together, let us strive to expand our understanding of human behavior, societies, and the complex interactions that shape our world through rigorous research and scholarly discourse.