About the Journal

The Open Access Journal of Science Research (OAJSR) (ISSN: 3027-1185) is a prestigious scholarly publication committed to advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge and promoting unrestricted access to research findings. This peer-reviewed journal provides an open platform for scientists, researchers, academicians, and professionals to publish their original work and share valuable insights across various disciplines in the field of science.

Scope and Focus:

The journal welcomes high-quality submissions encompassing a wide array of scientific disciplines. It covers research articles, reviews, case studies, and methodological papers that explore fundamental and applied scientific concepts, discoveries, and innovations. The primary objective is to contribute to the collective understanding of scientific phenomena and foster collaboration among researchers worldwide.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Physics and astronomy

Chemistry and materials science

Biology and life sciences

Earth and environmental sciences

Mathematics and statistics

Engineering and technology

Computer science and artificial intelligence

Health and medical sciences

Social sciences with a scientific focus

Interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research

Editorial Process:

The Open Access Journal of Science Research maintains a stringent peer-review process to ensure the quality, accuracy, and credibility of published content. Manuscripts are reviewed by subject-matter experts who provide constructive feedback to authors, facilitating the improvement and refinement of scientific research.

Open Access Policy:

Consistent with its commitment to openness and knowledge dissemination, the journal operates on an open access model. All articles are freely accessible to readers worldwide, promoting global accessibility and fostering the exchange of scientific ideas.


The Open Access Journal of Science Research caters to a diverse audience, including researchers, scientists, educators, students, policymakers, and anyone with an interest in the advancement of science and its impact on society. The journal's interdisciplinary nature allows it to serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the latest developments and breakthroughs in various scientific fields.


The mission of the Open Access Journal of Science Research is to contribute to the progress of science by publishing high-quality research that addresses significant scientific questions and challenges. By promoting open access to research findings, the journal aims to facilitate collaboration, inspire new discoveries, and drive innovation across diverse scientific disciplines.

Publication Frequency:

The journal follows a quarterly publication schedule, releasing new issues at periodic intervals throughout the year. Its commitment to open access ensures that scientific knowledge is disseminated widely, thereby accelerating the pace of scientific advancement and positively impacting society.

In conclusion, the Open Access Journal of Science Research serves as a reputable platform for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, promoting collaboration and driving the growth of science and research worldwide.