About the Journal

Welcome to Engineering Research Journal (ERJ) (ISSN: 2782-8212), a premier platform for disseminating cutting-edge research and fostering innovation in the field of engineering. Our journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality research articles, reviews, and technical notes that contribute to the advancement of engineering knowledge and practice.


Our journal covers a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines, including but not limited to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, materials science, environmental engineering, and more. We aim to create a multidisciplinary space that facilitates the exchange of ideas and collaboration among researchers, engineers, and practitioners.

Key Features:

Rigorous Peer Review: Each submission undergoes a thorough peer-review process, ensuring that only scientifically sound and methodologically robust research reaches publication.

Innovation Spotlight: We actively promote research that breaks new ground, introduces novel methodologies, and addresses current challenges within the engineering realm.

Practical Relevance: While we value theoretical contributions, we also prioritize research with practical applications and real-world implications, fostering a strong connection between academia and industry.

Global Perspective: We embrace diversity in authorship and encourage submissions from researchers all around the world. This enriches the journal's content with various cultural, regional, and technological viewpoints.

Open Access: Our commitment to open access ensures that published articles are freely accessible to a global audience, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Frequency: The journal is published monthly.

Special Issues and Focus Areas: Periodically, we release special issues and focus on emerging trends, hot topics, and critical challenges within specific engineering subfields, providing in-depth insights and discussions.

Engaging Outreach: Engineering Research Journal actively engages with the engineering community through social media, webinars, and conferences, fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge dissemination and exchange.

Join us in our mission to drive engineering research forward and make a tangible impact on the world. Whether you're a seasoned researcher, an aspiring engineer, or an industry professional, Engineering Research Journal invites you to contribute and be a part of our journey to shape the future of engineering.

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Board:

Visit our website for detailed submission guidelines and to learn more about our esteemed editorial board, consisting of experts and thought leaders in various engineering disciplines.

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