About the Journal

The American Research Journal of Contemporary Issues (ARJCI) (ISSN: 3027-0189) is a prestigious scholarly publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues across various disciplines. This journal serves as a platform for researchers, academics, practitioners, and policymakers to share their cutting-edge research and insights on a wide range of topics that shape our modern world.

Our journal aims to foster a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing diverse fields such as social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, technology, health sciences, and more. We encourage contributions that address current and emerging challenges, trends, and debates, providing valuable insights into the complex issues that impact society, culture, politics, economics, and the environment.

The American Research Journal of Contemporary Issues features high-quality original research articles, theoretical studies, empirical research, case studies, and critical reviews. We seek to publish innovative and impactful research that offers novel perspectives, explores new methodologies, and generates evidence-based solutions to address the pressing concerns of our time.

As an esteemed scholarly journal, we maintain a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the publication of exceptional research. Our expert reviewers evaluate submissions based on their scholarly rigor, originality, and contribution to the field. By maintaining a high standard of quality, we strive to disseminate influential research that has a meaningful impact on academia, policymaking, and society as a whole.

We are committed to open access principles, making all published articles freely available to a global readership. By embracing open access, we promote accessibility, inclusivity, and the democratization of knowledge, enabling researchers and practitioners worldwide to engage with the latest findings and insights in contemporary issues.

The American Research Journal of Contemporary Issues seeks to foster a vibrant intellectual community by encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and the exchange of ideas. We invite scholars from various backgrounds and disciplines to contribute their expertise, fostering a rich tapestry of research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and encourages dialogue across disciplinary boundaries.

Join us in the American Research Journal of Contemporary Issues as we explore the multifaceted dimensions of contemporary challenges, unveil new perspectives, and contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex issues that shape our world. Together, let us strive for impactful research and meaningful change that addresses the contemporary issues of our time.