About the Journal

The African Journal of Business and Economic Development (AJBED) (ISSN: 2782-7658) is a reputable scholarly publication that focuses on advancing the understanding of various aspects related to business, economics, and development within the African context. The journal serves as a platform for researchers, academics, practitioners, and policymakers to contribute their insights and analyses on a wide range of topics that have significant implications for the economic growth and development of African nations.

Key features of the journal include:

Interdisciplinary Approach: The journal embraces an interdisciplinary approach, welcoming contributions from fields such as economics, business administration, finance, management, entrepreneurship, development studies, and related areas. This encourages a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues faced by African economies.

Original Research: The African Journal of Business and Economic Development prioritizes original research articles that present new findings, methodologies, and perspectives. These articles contribute to the expansion of knowledge and offer actionable insights for both academia and practitioners.

Policy Relevance: The journal aims to bridge the gap between research and policy by highlighting studies that have practical implications for economic and business development strategies in African countries. It encourages research that addresses real-world challenges and offers viable solutions.

Regional Focus: As the name suggests, the journal specifically focuses on the African continent. It seeks to explore the unique economic, social, and cultural dynamics that shape business and development practices in different African nations and regions.

Peer Review Process: The African Journal of Business and Economic Development maintains a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and validity of published research. This process involves expert assessment and feedback, which helps maintain the journal's credibility.

Diverse Topics: The journal covers a wide array of topics, including but not limited to economic policy, trade, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, poverty reduction, financial markets, corporate social responsibility, innovation, technology adoption, and regional economic integration.

Global Perspective: While the primary focus is on Africa, the journal also encourages comparative analyses and studies that explore the connections between African economies and the global economic landscape.

Academic and Practical Audience: The journal's content caters to both academic researchers and practitioners. This dual approach ensures that the published articles are both academically rigorous and relevant to those engaged in policy formulation, business decision-making, and development initiatives.

The African Journal of Business and Economic Development plays a pivotal role in fostering a deeper understanding of the economic challenges and opportunities faced by African countries, thus contributing to the sustainable growth and development of the continent.